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A Blast from the Past

After my marathon tee shirt sewing frenzy a few weeks back, you would think I would be well stocked and also a little tee shirted out.  It turns out though, that I did have room for one more.  This time though, I put my Tessuti Alexa to rest for a while and I picked up another long time favourite, Jalie 3352.  This time however, I had bigger plans for this pattern.....enter Sewaholic Renfrew.  The last time I made this pattern up was 2012.  How could it have been five years ago!  For the record, my original Renfrew still makes the occasional appearance in the depths of winter but after all this time, it is now sporting a small hole in the cowl neck.  It is however a testament to the longevity of this style and the fabric I chose to make it from.  Buying quality fabric and making it up into a timeless style is definitely an antedote for fast fashion.

The fabric I chose for my new Jalie/Renfrew frankenpattern, was bought from The Fabric Store.  It is a merino polypropelene.  It is actual…

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